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Don't go into the woods alone

The data landscape is a complicated place.  We guide data wanderers and turn them into data leaders to drive the Data Value Chain to find order from chaos, wisdom from knowledge and victory from defeat!​

​Are you lost in the data wilderness wandering aimlessly, looking for ways to turn your data efforts into returns for your organization?  Do you long to guide your team through the deep woods and be the hero who tames the wild data beast, wins the battle and lives happily ever after?

​ Our Data Value Chain (DVC) is the only framework that provides an End to End method to wring every bit of value from your data to win in the arena.

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Products and Services

Value Stream Maps

A value-stream map is a lean management method for analyzing a series of events to identify and remove or reduce "waste" in value streams. It quantifies the time and amount of work taken at each stage and shows the flow of both process and information. Each link in the DVC has a "typical" current state and optimal future state that can be customized by organizations to identify and maximize value of your data.


Plan and Schedule (Implementation Playbook)

The project plan contains the material to setup the project to conduct a gap analysis between your current and future state data value streams and then execute the transformation.  It includes scope, budget, communications, team composition and stakeholder management.   The schedule gives you a baseline timing of how long it will take to work on each link in the chain.


Data Value Chain Playbooks

While the Value Stream Map is the what, the Plan and Schedule are the Who, When and Where, the Data Value Chain Playbooks are the HOW!  Think of the DVC as an operating model and the playbooks as operating manuals. Each playbook covers one link in the DVC and explains in detail how to build and run each link to provide maximum value!


Data Value Chain Training

While we are happy to provide you with the best materials and consulting, we strongly prefer the "teach the client to fish" model.  We provide training in each of the DVC links and additional training to help your organization extract the maximum amount of value from your data.



For data voyagers who want maximum value from their data practices, Silver Fox Data’s-Data Value Chain (DVC) provides the only end-to-end framework that addresses all the critical process points to gain the maximum value for your organization. We have been refining this framework over 25 years and have incorporated our work in lean six sigma and the data arts to combine the best of process and data into one comprehensive package.


Understanding where the value comes from in the end-to-end process that moves your data along the pipeline, we provide a more powerful, high-performance Data Value Chain to make your data efforts succeed, allowing you to gain maximum success and proceeds from the data, ultimately driving better results and winning!

Support on the Journey

You get an efficient, integrated design of your Data Value Chain, providing 5 levels of knowledge, that is easier to use and will ultimately save you time and money in your journey.  This allows you as the data leader to build your wisdom and inspire excitement for the use of data to gain value for your organization.

Order from Chaos

Utilizing our framework to create your optimized Data Value Chain will provide you with a reliable process to gain the trust and respect of data citizens and leaders across your establishment and minimizes risk to create the highest reputation in your arena.

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